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I will be at IllogiCon in Cary, NC this weekend, Jan 9-11. I have a reading at 4 pm Sat at which I will give away a copy of my latest publication, which contains reprints of stories by writers like Philip K. Dick and Frederick Pohl, and my own, "Wisteria" http://www.amazon.com/Fantastic-Stories-Presen…/…/1633843254

And I'm on three panels along with some of the Triangle's finest spec fiction writers:
Make With the Funny Sat noon
Newly Professional Older Writers: What Helps, What Hinders Sat 9 pm
Religion and Mythology in Science Fiction and Fantasy Sun 10 am
Don't miss it!

Doc Brown of Back to the Future

Interview of Lawrence M. Schoen

Bull Spec asked me to interview Klingon language expert Lawrence M. Schoen, who authors science fiction books about the madcap adventures of the Amazing Conroy and his pet buffalito and has a new book coming out that is Sixth Sense meets Dune but with elephants. As you might expect, Dr. Schoen has an interesting take on that NC councilman who resigned in Klingon.

Why I Hope Women Don't Leave SFWA

I'm currently in transit and haven't read the article in the SFWA bulletin that has people up in arms. But it seem clear to me that if a large group of people leave SFWA to protest an injustice in how a particular group of people is treated, it will cause harm to that very group of people.

Like it or not, it is SFWA members only who vote for the Nebula Award. And if women leave SFWA because of an unjust attitude toward women, it will skew the Nebula voting demographic toward people who are fine with that unjust attitude. That will make it harder for women, and probably also anyone who isn't a heterosexual male, to win a Nebula, an award which can significantly advance a spec fiction writer's career.

So please stay in SFWA and change it from the inside.


Here is my schedule this weekend for WisCon at the Madison Concourse Hotel:


Microbes Fri, 4:00–5:15 pm Senate B
Microbes play crucial ecological roles. Many are directly or indirectly required for human health. They form a large part of the earth's total biomass. They can perform some amazing metabolic tricks, yet all too often science fiction has ignored microbes, or has focused on their role as human pathogens. But not this panel! We have plentiful fare for discussion: microbial ecology, biofilms and microbial mats, microbiomes, microbial genomics, microbial diversity, antibiotic resistance, horizontal gene transfer, microbial evolution, microbial exobiology and the role of microbes in human health.

Social Justice Themes in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Sat, 8:30–9:45 am Senate B
January marked the 20 year anniversary of Deep Space Nine entering the Star Trek franchise. Often held up as the most cerebral and socially conscious of the TNG-era Star Trek series, the show explored issues ranging from colonialism and occupation, race and class, and the tension between religion and science. Let's talk about how DS9 explored these themes and how well it holds up in light of the social justice issues and conversations happening inside fandom now.


Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading Sat, 9:00–10:15 pm Conference 2
Members of Broad Universe will read from their current science fiction and speculative fiction.

See you there!
Nabokov's Ada Veen


Here is my schedule for Jan 11-13 at IllogiCon at the Embassy Suites Raleigh-Durham/Research Triangle:
Reading (Friday, 4 PM, Crescent) - I will be reading from my novel, Fairytale Hell.
Science Fiction and Ethics: (Saturday, 1 PM, Smith)
Fantasy in the Real World: (Sunday, 10 AM, Reynolds) (M)
Writing Strong Women: (Sunday, 11 AM, Reynolds)
Humanizing Your Villains: (Sunday, 2 PM, Smith)
2013 me

Lover's Knot now available in Stupefying Stories

The mid November issue of Stupefying Stories is out just in time for your e-readers. It contains my Appalachian folk tale, “Lover’s Knot”, as well as many other wonderful stories. (And there’s a lover’s knot at the end of each story, which was a cool thing for them to do.) You can find the issue here:


An Apple Bookstore link will be forthcoming later this month, and I will post that then.
Nabokov's Ada Veen

Altered Fluid reads at World Fantasy Con

Altered Fluid, the New York City powerhouse spec fiction writer's group is having a reading at World Fantasy Con at 4 pm in the Con (Hospitality Suite) Rm 1091. Reading will be:
K Tempest Bradford, Mercurio D. Rivera, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Matthew Kressel, Rajan Khanna, and E. C. Myers.